Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rules of Card Game: Seep or Sweep

This page tells you how to play sweep along with strategy and everything.

Sweep (or Seep) is a fishing card game played with 52-card pack without jokers. The game is played by 4-players or 2-players. The current version of Sweep is a two player game. You can play sweep with any of your Facebook friend or buddy or you can play with our computer (Bot). So you need to login to your Facebook account. You may also be able to play as Guest. As a guest you can’t play with any of your friend; you can play with Bot.
The aim is to capture cards that have point values. The total point value is 100 as under: All cards of spades have point values equal to their capture value (from king worth 13 down to ace worth 1 point). Each ace is worth 1 and 10 of diamonds in worth 6 points. Thus only 17 cards – 13 cards of spade, 3 aces of other suits and ten of diamond has point values, while all other cards have nil point value.
Besides earning the cards with points, a player can also earn bonus points by picking a sweep (or seep) that is worth 50 points except a sweep picked on start of play is 25 points and a sweep at the end of the play is worth nil points. At the end of the game, the points of each player are counted.

Each player in turn plays one card from the cards in his/her hand. A player has following choices to play his card:

Constructing a house, Breaking a house, Making a Pukka (unbreakable) house, Picking up a card, Throwing a loose card, Picking up a house.

House. A house is a pile of two or more cards on the floor. The smallest house has a capture value of 9 and the biggest 13 (king). A player can create a house only if he/she has a card equal to the capture value of the house. For example to create a house of 11, you must have a 11 (jack) in hand. Also a house of 11 can be picked only by a 11 (jack). The new house you make is not a ‘pukka’ (cemented or unbreakable) house (except house of 13 or a pukka house), which can be broken. For example, if there is a breakable or uncemented house of 9 on the floor, a next player can add a card of of 1, 2, 3 or 4 to make it a house of 10, 11, 12 or 13. For this the player must have a card of the capture value of the house so created.

Pukka (cemented or unbreakable) House. On a breakable house of 9 to 12 you may add another card or cards with sum equal to the capture value of the house, you have an unbreakable house. For example on a house of 11, if you put a jack or two or more cards with sum equal to 11, you have an unbreakable house. Such a house can not be broken. The unbreakable house of 11 can not be converted into a house of 12 or 13.

How Seep is played? Take the 52-card pack without jokers. For the very first game, decide who will be the dealer.
The bid number. The dealer after shuffle and cut gives four cards to the opponent player and places four cards with face down on the floor. After viewing his cards the opponent must announce a bid number from 9 to 13 based on his/her four cards. If the opponent does not have any card bigger than 8, he/she returns the cards. The pack of cards is reshuffled and cut and the deal is repeated. After the bid, the four cards on floor are turned face up; these four cards become the loose cards. Now the bidder plays a card. The bidder has following choices:
*create a house of bid value by adding one of his cards and one or more cards on the table, *plays the bid card to pocket one or more cards of value equal to the bid value, or
*throws a card of bid value on the floor as a loose card. A card can only be thown as a loose card if this card can not pocket any other loose card or cards.
After the first card is played by the bidder, the dealer completes the deal so that he/she gets a total of 12 cards and the opponent gets another 8 cards. The cards are dealt in a group of four.
Now it is the dealer’s turn to play one card in order to construct a new house or add the to an existing house, pocket a house or cards equal in capture value of the card played or throw a loose card. Each player in turn plays one card.

When each player has played 12 cards, deals again in a group of four so that all the cards are dealt. Thus both players get another 12 cards each. The game continues till both the players have played all the cards in their hands. Any loose card or cards remaining on the floor are picked by the player who last picked cards or house from the floor. Now the players count their points (only 13 cards have point values) and add 50 point for each sweep.

Play Seep or Sweep Online at

You can also download sweep on your mobile phones:
Seep or Sweep by Octro for iPhone and iPad.
Sweep by Octro for Windows Phone.

Seep or Sweep for Android Phones.


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