Monday, January 14, 2013

Indian Rummy -- Strategy and Tips

Most popular format of Indian Rummy is played with 13 cards. The object is to form sequences/runs and sets using all the 13 cards. Also two sequences (or runs) called First Life and Second Life are required. One of the two sequences must be pure (First Life). The second sequence (Second Life) can be pure or can use a joker as a wild card. Either First Life or Second Life must have four or more cards.

The requirement of First Life and Second Life makes 13 cards Indian Rummy interesting and challenging. It requires skill, use of memory and complete focus and involvement in the game. A player must have clear picture of all the 13 cards he/she has, what runs and sets can be formed, and what cards have already been played. Here are the strategy and tips to win a game of rummy.

1. Arranging your cards. You will be dealt 13 cards. Pick the cards and arrange it in different suits and from lower rank card to higher rank card. Keep cards of each suit separate. Do this even when you have cards of same ranks but of different suits and you can make sets using cards in hand. In the beginning, focus on completing the two required sets. For example
4 6   3 10 11   A 5 J K  2 5 10 K

Now if you have aces rearrange the aces depending upon if you have 2 and 3 or Q and K of same suit. If you have an ace and both 2/3 and Q/K of same suit, then you can keep ace either with 2/3 or Q/K but make keep in mind that with ace of that suit you can make A-2-3 or Q-K-A.  Thus the rearrangement of the cards is as under:
4 6  3 10 11  5 J K A  2 5 10 K

2. Understanding your cards. After arranging cards in proper order and in different suits, check if you have cards of same rank but of different suits. Keep those cards in mind for example:
5 5 and K  K

You must also remember if you have jokers or not. In the example shown above you do not have any printed joker. If 3 is visible under stock pile, you have one joker 3. You should be aware that you already have cards of Second Life J 3 K A. These cards of Second Life can become cards of First Life of 4 cards if you pick Q and you will have a free joker 3.

Review cards of each suit. For club you have 4 and 6. This is a pair with a hole. The cards that can be used with these cards of club are 3, 5 and 7.  If you get 3, you can keep this card and you may discard 6. With 3 and 4 you can use 2 or 5 to form a sequence. Similarly if you get 7, you should keep this card and may discard 4.

3. Picking a card. When it is your turn, you must pick a card either the face up card from discard pile or face down card from stock pile. Decide which card you want to pick. Figure out if you need face up card or not. If you do not pick discard card (face up card), you must pick face down card. Your decision should be based on cards in your hand and usefulness of the face up card in forming a pure sequence/run (First Life) and Second Life. Also remember when you pick a face up card, other players also see this card. Evidently, the player whose turn comes before you will now avoid discarding a card that is close to the face up card picked by you.

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